Massachusetts  Association  Of  Independent  Psychotherapists

Current  Membership  2014

Barbara Alex

Barbara Alex has been practicing since 1991, offering individual, relationship, and group psychotherapy. She holds a Gold Certificate of Advanced Training in Psychotherapy and is a member of  The Association for Humanistic Psychology and The National Alliance of Mental Health Professionals. In addition to teaching for several years in the graduate divisions of several North Shore colleges, she helped to establish North Shore Counseling Information Services, a consumer education organization focused on assisting individuals in the selection of a therapist. Ms. Alex is a founding member of the Massachusetts Association of Independent Psychotherapists and has served on its Board of Directors in the past.

Deana Bacon

Deana Bacon has been a successful entrepreneur in the field of human services from the age of 22. Helping people feel safe and appreciated has always been of the utmost importance to her, and naturally led her to the field of psychotherapy. She has had an active practice since 1991. Deana holds a 10 year gold certificate in advanced training in psychotherapy and provides an integrated holistic approach. She has conducted seminars and workshops, and is noted for her outstanding help to the community. In 1993, Deana launched her own private practice in Beverly, Massachusetts, and recently added a secondary location in Manchester-by-the-Sea.She is also a founding member of MAIP. “Built on referrals, sustained on treatment.” Deana Bacon

Nicholas Baldo

Nicholas Baldo combines his experience as an independent businessman with his intensive training in psychotherapy to bring challenging ideas, knowledge, empathy, and compassion to clients in his therapy practice. Since 1989 he has helped individuals and groups, from all walks of life and lifestyles, to address a wide variety of personal, relationship and professional issues. Mr. Baldo utilizes an effective teaching style through the use of striking analogies and metaphors. He is a graduate of Syracuse University and has a 10-year Certificate Of Advanced Training in Psychotherapy. He is also a member of the Association For Humanistic Psychology.

Auli Batts

Auli Batts has been in private practice (AKB Counseling, LLC) as a psychotherapist since 2004. She provides psychotherapy services to individuals seeking better lives and relationships. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with B.A. in Psychology in 1982. She continued her studies at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland, in a graduate program in Psychology. During that time she completed a six-month internship at the Family Counseling Center of Jyväskylä, specializing in relationship counseling. She has attended weekly seminars and earned a Ten-Year Advanced Training Certificate.

Ken Batts

Ken Batts has been in private practice as a psychotherapist in Brookline Massachusetts since the year 2001. His wife joined the practice (AKB Counseling, LLC) in 2003. He provides psychotherapy to individuals seeking to improve their personal lives and relationships. He has a bachelor’s degree in Geography from Western Michigan University (’79). He taught English as a second language for 7 years in Finland (1982-1988). He attended a weekly professional seminar from 1996 to 2010, and has completed all requirements for a Ten-Year Advanced Training Certificate. He maintains an active professional relationship with a network of colleagues in private practice.

Deborah Bohnert

Deborah Bohnert has been in a successful private practice since1977, offering individual and group therapy. She is also a graduate from Boston University’s College of Arts and Sciences. For many years she worked as an art therapist in jails, psychiatric institutions, and drug centers. As a result of her intensive training she earned a 10-year Certificate Of Advanced Training in Psychotherapy. Her office is located in Marblehead.

Briget Bride

Briget Bride has had a successful practice serving Boston, the South Shore, and the Cape and the Islands since 1993. She is a compassionate therapists who teaches people new ways of perceiving themselves and their problems in order to bring about a higher quality of life.

Peter Callas

Peter Callas has been in private practice in Beverly, Massachusetts since 1985. His independent training in understanding human behavior and teaching effective concepts to improve the quality of an individual’s life have been a standard for 25 years. This training combined with his background in business has tremendously helped numerous families, business executives, and small business owners.

Mr. Callas offers individual and group counseling. He holds a 10-year Certificate of Advanced Training in Psychotherapy. In addition, he has obtained certificates and licenses in the financial planning profession.

R. Scott Carpenter

I began my practice in 2006, and enjoy working with individuals and families to improve their self-concepts and enrich their relationships, with the goal of them living a happy and healthy life. I hold a Five Year Certificate Of Training in Psychotherapy.  I'm a Certified Mediator affiliated with North Shore Community Mediation Center of Beverly MA, and I am a Certified Criminal Justice Specialist affiliated with the National Association of Forensic Counselors.  

Christine Coyne

Christine Coyne received intensive training in psychotherapy, and was awarded a 10-year Certificate Of Advanced Training.  She has worked in mental health clinics, and has been in private practice since 1983. Her approach is caring, active, and humanistic. She is innovative and deeply committed to helping people to improve their lives.

Michelle D'Avolio

Michelle D'Avolio has been in private practice in Wakefield, Massachusetts, since 1983. Her intensive training combined with her rich experience with people of all ages results in compassionate, imaginative, and exciting therapy for those looking to make important life changes. She has vast experience in individual and group counseling, and conveys warmth, enthusiasm, and a depth of understanding to all those who seek her help. Ms. D'Avolio has a Masters Degree in Education from Boston College and a 10-year Certificate Of Advanced Training in Psychotherapy. She is also a member of the Association For Humanistic Psychology.  

Susan Goldscheid

Susan Goldscheid has had a private psychotherapy practice  since 1993. She was an educator in the Newton, MA public high schools from 1985 to 1993. She left teaching because she saw that much of what impedes people from learning involves psychological problems such as a poor self-concept, and teaching school was an inadequate forum for addressing this. As a therapist she is able to deal directly and intensively with people of all age groups on these issues. She has an M.A.T. from Boston University. Susan is a part-time faculty member at the Home for Little Wanderers Academic Support for College and Life program.  

Rebecca Ingalls

Rebecca Ingalls provides individual and group psychotherapy in Swampscott, MA. In private practice since 2001, she holds a 10-year Certificate Of Advanced Training in Psychotherapy, is a Member of The National Alliance of Mental Health Professionals and The Association of Humanistic Psychology, and is the founder of Swampscott Counseling. Rebecca’s approach is warm and engaging. Her practice is distinguished by a comprehensive understanding of human nature and a strong holistic background. She offers educational and supportive groups, and pursues ongoing education and research in the field of psychotherapy.  

Tom Massa

Tom Massa has been helping clients in his practice since 2002, in individual and group therapy. He  He  possesses both Five Year Fundamental and Ten Year Advanced Certificates of competency in psychotherapy.

Rose M. McDaid

Rose M. McDaid, of Beverly, has been a practicing independent psychotherapist since 1983,  specializing in love and loss, career challenges, and self-esteem. Previously, Rose worked as a marketing and sales manager in the high tech industry.  She applies three decades of private training in psychotherapy, as well as meditation and entrepreneurial skills, in her practice. She holds a Ten-Year Certificate of Advanced Training in Psychotherapy, is a founding Director of the Massachusetts Association of Independent Psychotherapists, and member of the American Humanist Association. She has also done community and professional work with advocates and survivors of clergy sexual abuse, and is Treasurer of SurvivorsVoice, Inc.

Marc D. McGarry

Marc D. McGarry has been in private practice since 1986, doing individual and group psychotherapy. He also initiated and ran an innovative children’s group. Early on, he worked at McLean Hospital for four years. He has taught courses at the Learning Adventure, Brookline Adult Education, and Cambridge Adult Education, as well as having trained resident advisers at the Boston Conservatory of Music and Tufts University, and recently spoke by invitation at Newton South High School. He is currently co-authoring books on psychotherapeutic theory and the Guest-Host program for parenting.  

Maureen Michaels

Maureen Michaels has been a psychotherapist in private practice in Beverly, Massachusetts since 1993. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Albany State University in New York, and has continued her education with extensive private psychotherapy training. She has a unique and dynamic approach that was developed to make inroads into mental health work as an alternative to the traditional, medical-model. Ms. Michaels holds a Ten Year Gold Certificate of Advanced Training in Psychotherapy. 

Cara Szeghy

Cara Szeghy has been a practicing psychotherapist since 1991. She obtained a Ten Year Advanced Training Certificate in Psychotherapy and she received a B. A. with a focus in the arts, from Hampshire College, Amherst MA. She is an experienced professional who provides individual and group psychotherapy. She is an active collaborator who offers an innovative, practical,and compassionate approach to helping those who seek her services.