Membership Requirements

1. Successfully Established Psychotherapy Practice:

A MAIP Member is a currently practicing psychotherapist with a well established psychotherapy practice for five years or longer.

2. Training:

Trained in the field of psychotherapy as evidenced by official certificates of training, training transcripts, or other forms acceptable to the MAIP Board. Such training shall include theoretical, practicum, mentoring, and experiential training components administered by psychotherapists with a minimum of ten years’ experience.

3. Application Fee:

A non-refundable application fee, as determined by MAIP’s Board, shall be paid for any application for membership and will be applied to the first year’s membership dues. Renewal: MAIP Membership is for one year (expiring December 31st). An initial payment toward yearly dues is due by January 1st of each calendar year. Yearly dues are determined by MAIP’s Board, and are non-pro-rated. MAIP's Board will contact members for specifics on dues for the upcoming year.


Any MAIP member will be disqualified from membership if he/she:

  1. Is a psychiatrist, psychologist, clinical social worker, clinical mental health counselor, marriage and family therapist, or any other allied mental health practitioner whose license, certification, registration or state endorsement is suspended or has been permanently revoked by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or any other jurisdiction.
  2. Provides fraudulent or deceptive information on for MAIP membership.
  3. Has been convicted of a crime.
  4. Has not provided sufficient or acceptable documentation for membership.
  5. Does not comply with the MAIP Code of Ethics.
  6. Has not paid yearly renewal dues by January 1st of each calendar year.

MAIP is not accepting any new applicants.