MAIP  Code  of  Ethics



 1.     I will conduct myself in a manner that is respectful to the many different approaches and modalities of psychotherapy.

 2.     I will not knowingly make any public statement that is untrue or misleading, including any guarantee of results.

 3.     Potential clients may interview me, free of charge, and I will accurately and truthfully identify my qualifications, expertise, experience, and certifications, and answer reasonable and discreet questions about my personal beliefs and interests.

 4.     I will maintain, store, and dispose of any written records compiled during my therapeutic relationship with clients in a manner that promotes the strictest confidentiality, security, and privacy and complies with any applicable laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I will only release such information upon receiving a clear written release from the client.

 5.     I will carefully explain to potential clients the nature of financial arrangements, scheduling, the limits of confidentiality, and any other terms appropriate to the psychotherapy agreement or contract.

 6.     I will not engage in any sexual conduct with a client, or with the immediate family member of a client with whom I have had a professional relationship, within five years of them terminating my psychotherapeutic services.

7.     I will limit myself to the title of psychotherapist or to the title of my particular psychotherapeutic modality, and will not use the title of psychologist, social worker, psychiatrist, substance abuse specialist, or any other titles protected by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, unless licensed by the Commonwealth to use such title.

8.     I will not engage in conduct which evidences moral unfitness to practice psychotherapy.

9.     I will treat clients with respect and kindness, and will not harass, intimidate, or abuse them.

10. Should the best interest of my client be impaired by a compromise to my objectivity, I will terminate the therapy.

11.  I will respect a client’s right to terminate therapeutic services with me at any time.

12.  I will suggest my client seek the services of other professionals if I deem his or her issues are beyond my scope of expertise and training.

I pledge to comply with the MAIP Code of Ethics and to practice these standards with anyone I enter into a professional therapeutic relationship with. If I breach any part of this code of ethics, I acknowledge and agree that my membership to MAIP may be terminated.

                                                       rev. 5/01/2011